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Link Roundup #1

An amazing collection of Victorian Microscopic Slides. I look at it whenever I feel blue, and then I feel red and golden with embedded diatoms. This is what a Women’s Rights conference in Saudi Arabia looks like… On women, feelings … Continue reading

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Cognitive bias : Important topic, wrong example (a communication fail).

The Dean of my Institution frequently sends inspirational messages to the campus. It’s ususally nice, sometimes (unintendedly) funny. I always considered it a manifestation of this still-strange-to-me american way of being positive and motivational. Except this one time.  This time … Continue reading

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Recipe for a flawed conversation on sexism in STEM

I’m a little late (as usual) and the debate has been raging for a few days now over a new paper in PNAS showing a strong hiring bias at faculty level IN FAVOR of women. Even if they have – … Continue reading

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The rise and fall (and rise?) of women in computer science

Sociological Images just relayed this NPR podcast about the (sharp!) decline of women in computer science. Apparently, gendered advertising of personal computers (sold as toys and targeted at boys/men) might have a lot to do with it, by introducing a … Continue reading

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I’m late on the News…

So here’s a bunch : Nature has published an interesting historical piece about women in labs during World War I and how it didn’t really succeed in giving them a longer term access to science : Women in science: A … Continue reading

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“Inspire her mind” : Verizon tackles stereotypes keeping girls out of STEM.

It seems that feminist-washing is a new thing for big bad brands. It makes me very, very uncomfortable when it’s the beauty industry using feminist themes to sell cosmetic products, like Dove promoting “real beauty” (Dove is going to rescue … Continue reading

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Seven Things Keeping Women Out Of Science

It’s been a while since Eileen Pollack had her piece “Why are there still so few women in science?” published in the NY Times, but not long enough for the things she said to become obsolete (It was october 2013. … Continue reading

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