The rise and fall (and rise?) of women in computer science

Sociological Images just relayed this NPR podcast about the (sharp!) decline of women in computer science. Apparently, gendered advertising of personal computers (sold as toys and targeted at boys/men) might have a lot to do with it, by introducing a gender gap in computer access and representativity in the computer culture (they’re also talking about it here).

It is often forgotten (NPR I love you) that, historically, women played a crucial role in the creation and rise of computer technology… Everybody knows Ada Lovelace (I wanna read this book, but TIME, lack thereof)(don’t buy on amazon, people), but for example, who knows about the women operating the Turing machines during WWII? Anyway, now the deed is done, it’s time to find a way to educate all those Silicon Valley Brogrammers and convince women that it’s worth dealing with the douchebags. Since I’m being sarcastic, I’ll mention the GamerGate here, infamous for providing a frame for hordes of very serious douchebags to harass women having opinions about sexism in the gaming industry, including Anita Sarkeesian from Feminist Frequency.

But there’s hope my friends, check out for example those two amazing organizations : Girls who code, Black girls code. I’m sure there are a lot of other ones providing support and education to women at various stages of their lives and careers, please mention them in the comments if you know any!

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