I’m late on the News…

So here’s a bunch :

Nature has published an interesting historical piece about women in labs during World War I and how it didn’t really succeed in giving them a longer term access to science : Women in science: A temporary liberation.

Tell the negative committee to shut up : Fanuel Muindi talks bad to his impostor syndrome in Science (the journal).

The depressing list of the week : 13 subtle ways women are treated differently at work (Business Insider). They pretty much all apply to labs (yes, lab is work my dear friends…).

Should one choose to stay in academic science,  I do think you have a responsibility to not be a total dick.About being a woman scientist, transitioning to post-doc, leaving or not leaving academia, stuff. By outspoken Dr Isis.

Speaking of dicks : The evolution of female genitalia is understudied, and it sucks (no pun intended). A very interesting paper in PLOS Biology.  And another example of how science is penetrated by social stereotypes.

Why women rightly fear failure. (@The Nation.) “If the world demands that you work twice as hard to get half the reward, why would you handicap yourself by starting out somewhere that makes it harder to shine?” That’s actually a good question.

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui!
(That’s it for today!)

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